Who Is Paul Berry? Janice Long Husband Age and Wikipedia, Is He Dead?

Janice Long’s husband Paul Berry is her recent partner from 2017 and a reputed TV personality. Find more about the power couple.

Janice Long was the pioneer lady DJ for the BBC network’s reputed show Radio 1 where she garnished her musical genius and skills.

She was reported dead on December 25, 2021, from a so-termed “brief illness” as per authorized reports.

Janice was married to her partner Paul Berry after her previous marriage ended in mutual respect and terms.

She was carving a beautiful family alongside her husband till she met her sad and sudden demise.

The entire family and her children are sad at such an unbearable loss and are still mourning her departure or death.

The famous lady DJ and performer has been assigned to a nearby Obituary and funeral service institution regarding her last ritual.

Who Is Janice Long’s Husband Paul Berry?

Paul Berry was Janice Long’s second partner turned husband whom she met back in 1987.

The pair met after Janice had a rough course of marriage with her previous performer partner.

Janice was married to Trevor Long whom she tied the knot in 1977 at Liverpool.

The pair had appeared in Yorkshire Television SHow where they were indexed as the winning couple in a 3-2-1 game show in 1978.

Four years later in 1982, Janice and Trevor ended their beautiful married life with mutual consent and parted ways.

Janice then started dating her second partner Paul Berry from 1987 and only after three long decades did she get officially attached with him in a marital bond.

Their official marriage happen in September of 2017 and since then they were pretty inseparable.

The pair were blessed with their two children whom they cared extremely for.

Details On Paul Berry’s Age- Find Him On Wikipedia

Not much is known about Janice’s second husband Paul Berry except that their relationship has been strongly withstanding all time and tides for 30 years and more.

He is believed to be in his late 40s as per some reports.

Paul Berry has not been indexed in the official Wikipedia bio page and indices.

Janice and Paul have mutually agreed upon and admitted to safeguard their family life and its precious privacy from the enthusiasts and gleaming media eyes.

Paul Berry’s Obituary Report- Is He Dead?

Paul Berry is not dead and the Obituary has never mentioned him so.

He has been mourning the death of his lovely wife alongside his two naive children who are forever to miss their mother’s love.

People may have been confusing Janice’s death for his.

Janice lost her life to some sort of unstated brief illness after being hospitalized for the condition and complications.

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