Who Is Miles Benson? Band Director Arrested For Inappropriate Activity, What Are His Charges?

Miles Benson, the band’s director, was arrested for sexual assault and inappropriate behavior. A lawsuit has been brought against him by a former student.

Miles Benson is said to be in custody now, and his case is still being investigated.

The former student’s identity has not been revealed, and it is possible that it will never be revealed because exposure in public could affect her mental health.

Who Is Miles Benson? Band Director Arrested For Inappropriate Activity

Miles Benson, the band director at Mary Persons High School, was arrested on assault warrants after being accused of making unwanted contact with a former student.

The investigation was prompted by a complaint filed with the Sheriff’s Office alleging that Benson had sent sexually explicit material to a minor.

To further examine this case, the Monroe County Board of Education and the Monroe County District Attorney’s Office partnered.

As this case is about the procedure, there isn’t much information provided.

What Are Miles Benson Charges?

Miles Benson was charged with assault crimes after being accused of having inappropriate contact with a former student.

According to the source, he is facing severe warrants for sexual exploitation of children and sexual conduct by a person with a supervisory authority.

An allegation of sexually explicit material communicated between Benson and a child who was his high school student was filed with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office.

Since the matter is still under investigation, his jail sentence has yet to be determined, and whereas only one student has raised her voice. At the same time, the inquiry is ongoing, additional students may come forward if they were also victims of him.

Miles Benson Salary And Wikipedia, Who Was The Student?

Miles Benson’s annual compensation is likely to be in the range of $50,000. He is the school’s band director and also a coach.

He has lately been arrested as former students have accused him of sexual abuse. The minor’s identity has not yet been revealed.

Her identity may not be divulged since she is a child, or it may have a negative impact on her mental health.

His charges haven’t been settled yet, and he’s now in custody; he could lose his job at any time.

It won’t be easy to trust him with similar work in the future.

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