Who Is Dan Pawketty In Dont Look Up? Actor Michael Chiklis Plays The Over The Top Journalist

Michael Chiklis played the role of Dan Pawketty in Don’t Look Up, a Netflix movie. See his wife and net worth details right below.  

The satirical sci-fi movie Don’t Look Up on Netflix is an extraordinary movie played by phenomenal co-actors like Leonardo Da Caprio, Jennifer Lawrence, including Michael Chiklis.

Dan Pawketty, aka Michael Chiklis, is a renowned and successful actor, TV presenter, and TV producer. The legendary actor Dan received a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series in 2002 for playing the role of LAPD detective named Vic Mackey in 2008 in The Shield. Also, his name was nominated in 2003.

Moreover, Dan is known for his filming career and his gigantic body shape. According to IMDb, Dan has appeared in more than 68 films and TV projects. You won’t believe it until you see it with your eyes. He is still working on two projects for the upcoming year. We can glance at his blockbusters movies list and its reviews from the audience’s point of view on this platform.

Who Is Dan Pawketty Cast In Don’t Look Up?

Dan Pawketty cast played a journalist role in the new Nextflix movie Don’t Look Up this December 2021. He is also known for his role as detective Vic Mackey in The Shield in 2002.

As per the reports, Don’t look up’s budget is $70 million. The movie was directed and written by Adam Kay. He signed a top-notch actor and actress in the film.

Dan Pawketty AKA Michael Chiklis Wife Is Michelle Epstein Chiklis

Dan Pawketty, 58, is married to his wife, Michelle Chiklis. Very little is known about her career and private life at the moment.

The long-lived couple Dan and Michelle have two daughters, Autumn and Odessa, aged between 20-25 years.

The talented personality Dan is philanthropy as well. He has participated in celebrity Texas hold ’em tournaments to benefit comedian Brad Garrett’s charity foundation known as Maximum Hope. Also, he has been organizing several charities, including the Children’s Life-Saving Foundation.

Dam Pawketty Net Worth In 2021 Explained

Dan Pawketty’s net worth is estimated to be around $14 million. In addition to this, he charges $125 Thousand Per Episode, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

The charge of the artist or performer changes over time.

Describing his family details, Dan was born to his mother, Katherine, who is a hospital administrative aide, and his father, Charlie Chiklis, who runs a hair/beauty salon.

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