What time does show start TONIGHT as Traffic Cone, Rockhopper & Robobunny return to stage

Show goes to great lengths to prevent spoilers leaking

In order to protect and stop the identities of the singers leaking, not all audience members get to see the unmasking

The whole show is filmed in front of about 500 people who watch the show, right up to the point until the celebrity is about to take off their mask.

At this point, most of the audience have to leave the studio, with only about 30 or so people staying to see the big reveal, so as to minimise spoilers leaking.

Both parts are then edited together, with viewers at home none the wiser about the switch-up.

Those who apply for tickets to watch the show are warned of this in advance, so they are not disappointed when they go to watch it..

According toSRO Audiences, who deal with tickets for the show, all audience members are also required to sign a release form, which contains confidentiality clauses to stop them telling others about who is unmasked on the show.

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