What Happened To Darts Raymond Smith Teeth? Injury And Family Update

Learn what happened to darts player Raymond Smith’s teeth. The audiences are curious after his championship performance. 

Raymond is a professional Australian darts player. He is currently playing in the World Darts Federation and Professional Darts Corporation.

Smith is one of the two qualifiers taking the spots of Australian qualification in PDC. He has been ranked third in the Pro Tour Order of Merit.

Day 13 of Professional Darts Championship 2021/2022 has started. Raymond will be competing against Mervyn King, one of the notable dart players.

What Happened To Darts Raymond Smith Teeth?

In 2018, Raymond became a most talking subject over the internet; due to his teeth. Following the World Darts Championship, there was a celebration going on.

Raymond’s teeth fell out in the middle of the celebration. The picture captured at the time went viral over the internet.

While the incident has shocked most of the audiences, people wanted to know his story behind it. While the match was ongoing, Smith got distracted by his teeth falling out.

Regardless, he did not mention the reason behind his teeth falling out. Raymond might want to keep his matter private and not talk about it to the public.

Did Raymond Smith Have An Injury?

Raymond opened up about facing a groin injury in 2019 and undergoing emergency surgery. The dart player was facing an issue with his groin.

The surgery got performed to remove his groin’s abscess. Although his medical procedure was successful, Raymond still faced difficulty with his legs.

Moreover, Smith had a premier league to start soon at the time. Besides the injury, he was ill and required medical attention in early 2021.

Following his illness, he collapsed during the championship that worried his fans. They have also raised concerns about the incidents; however, Smith mentioned him being all well and healthy.

Raymond Smith Family Update Available

42-years-old, Raymond was born in Brisbane, Australia, in an athlete background. His father is popular dart professional Ky Smith.

Raymond looked up to his father, Ky Smith, and followed his steps in his career. The father and the son are the two Australians; who have taken the spot in PDC.

Both Raymond and his father, Ky, will play in the same PDC Championship. Meanwhile, the darts player is waiting to witness the father-son moment in the game.

As for his mother, she must have been proud of his successful career. More details on his mom are not available at present.

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