Ronnie Spector tributes: Ronettes icon dies age 78 after cancer battle

How Ronnie Spector escaped her and Phil’s home

Ronnie previously recalled how she was forced to escape their home barefoot and with the help of her mother back in 1972.

She describes how Phil Spector went “absolutely nuts”, pulled her shoe off and stuck it in his belt, screaming, Lets see how far you get now.

He then threatened Ronnie yelling at her that he would “destroy” her if she even thought about divorcing him, the book says.

Ronnie’s mother then jumped in and started screaming and hitting Spector and she and Ronnie tried to escape.

She also told how she spent her wedding night hiding in a bathroom with her mother whileSpectortried to beat the door down in a drunken rage.

And how he once claimed he’d bought a gold coffin with a glass top for her so he could “keep an eye” on her after she died.

He also made her drive around with an inflatable replica of himself next to her and once bizarrely presented her with adopted twins as a surprise Christmas present.

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