My partner has a million pounds in the bank

My partner has a million pounds in the bank

DEAR DEIDRE: DESPITE having almost a million quid in the bank, my partner lives in squalor.

Weve been dating for seven years and are both 43.

His house is a mess - he's  scruffy and doesnt look after himself


His house is a mess – he’s scruffy and doesnt look after himself

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I live alone in rented accommodation and struggle to pay the bills. I work part-time in a pharmacy.

He has his own clothing business and its his life. He works all hours, comes home at unsociable hours, sleeps and rarely has time for me.

I spend my free time cooking so he has food to heat up.

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His house is a mess. Hes scruffy and doesnt look after himself.

Ive given up so much to be with him.

DEIDRE SAYS:Why have you put up with this behaviour for so long? It is very one-sided with you doing all the running and in return you get nothing.

Maybe things were good back in the day but he has little or no regard for all you do for him now.

You deserve somebody who respects you. You cant be responsible for his choices.

My support pack called Addictive Love may help you understand why you are still drawn to him.

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