Martial denies Rangnick ‘refusal to play’ claim, Cristiano Ronaldo and Haaland LATEST

Two sides to a story

Andy Cole has weighed in on Martial’s alleged refusal to join United’s matchday squad against Aston Villa.

He told Sky Sports: “There’s always two sides to the story, one saying one another saying the other, for what reason are you not in the squad?

“Ultimately, if the manager’s asked you to be in the squad and you’re not in the squad, there has to be a reason behind it.

There’s been a lot of problems this season with Man United behind the scenes, on the football pitch and it’s not working well at the moment.

“The manager shouldn’t be asking you, he should be telling you [that you’re in the squad] but when we’re talking about standards, dressing room cultures whatever it may be, decisions need to be made and as players you’ve got to stand up and be counted you can’t just turn around.

“If it is the case, and go I don’t want to be apart of the squad, you’re letting yourself down as well as your teammates, as well as the football club and the fans.

“As I said there’s two sides to every story and no doubts we’ll get to the bottom of it sooner rather than later.”

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