January 22 Special Day in India, What Special Day Celebrated on January 22?

January 22 Special Day in India, What Special Day Celebrated on January 22?

January 22 Special Day in India

Special days can be birthdays or the history of a particular person. Here in this article, you can check out the January 22 Special Day in India. There are famous personalities on the list of today special day in India. Let’s quickly head into the article to what happened today in Indian history and much more details.

January 22 Special Day

People who aren’t aware of what is January 22 special day, can head into this section. Well looking on the list of January 22 Special Day, today is 

S.No January 22 Special Day
1 Celebration of Life Day
2 National Hot Sauce Day
3 National Hugging Day
4 National Polka Dot Day

#1. Celebration of Life Day

Life provides us just as many dazzling moments as it does unlucky ones. There are moments and days when we wish there was a handbook to follow or just an off switch, but without the improvisation, it wouldn’t be the same. Celebration of Life Day, which is on January 22nd, was created to honor the newborns in our lives. But today it is more than that it has, come to represent everything that is wonderful about being alive and breathing.

#2. National Hot Sauce Day

Every year on January 22nd, National Hot Sauce Day is observed. Hot sauce is made of cooked, smoked, and pickled chili peppers that are are crushed with spice. National Hot Sauce Day is a great excuse to indulge in your favorite sauce. The creator of National Hot Sauce Day is still unknown. Chilli peppers, on the other hand, were discovered in the 16th century in the United States of America and then spread over Europe, Africa, and Asia.

#3. National Sanctity of Human Life Day

National Sanctity of Human Life Day is observed every year on January 22. This day, was observed with a view to raise ones voices against abortion. The beginings of this day can be traced to 1973, when the in the Roe vs. Wade case, women’s right to abortion was legalized a woman’s right to abortion. Many republiv presidents have been against this notion in fact even the church was against this, which was what resulted in the observance of National Sanctity of Human Life Day

#4. National Polka Dot Day

Celebrated every year on January 22 National Polka Dot Day is about celebrating the Disney’s iconic style the polka dots. It can be observed that a number of Disney characters rock the Polka dots from especially Minnie Mouse. In fact Minnie Mouse became famous because of her Polka dot dresses. She has also been a fashion icon, even appearing at New York Fashion Week and The Fashion Awards.

What Special Day Celebrated on 22 January – Events

Year Events
1760 Battle of Wandiwash
2018 Netflix worth $100 billion

#1. Battle of Wandiwash

The Battle between French and British that happened on 22nd January 1760 is called the Battle of Wandiwash, This battle was in fact a part of the Third Carnatic War fought between the French and British colonial empires. This in turn was a part of the global Seven Years’ War. The Battle of Wandiwash took place at Vandavasi in Tamil Nadu.

#2. Netflix worth $100 billion

Netflix becomes one of the first digital media company whose worth reached more than $100 billion. And with this increase in networth they joined the prestigious club of companies with a market value of 12 digits. It was on 22nd Jnaury 2018 that the shares of Netflix surged 10%.

January 22 Special Day in India – Birthday

Year Famous Persons
1949 Manik Sarkar
1934 Vijay Anand
1963 Neeraj Vora
1892 Roshan Singh

#1. Manik Sarkar

An Indian Indian politician who served as the Chief Minister of Tripura from March 1998 to March 2018 Manik Sarkar is a member of the Communist Party of India. He was sworn in as leader of Left Front, the Tripura coalition government in March 2008

#2. Vijay Anand

Vijay Anand, more commonly known as Goldie Anand, born on 22nd Jnaury 1934 was an Indian actor, filmmaker, producer, screenwriter and editor. Some of his best known movies are Guide, Teesri Manzil, Jewel Thief and Johny Mera Naam. Most of the movies he made were for the in-house banner Navketan Films which was part of the Anand family.

#3. Neeraj Vora

An Indian actor, composer and film director based in Gujarat. One of his best movie Rangeela in which Amir Khan acted became his break through because of which he became popular. His directorial debut was Khiladi 420 which was in 2000. Later in 2006, he wrote and directed Phir Hera Pheri.

#4. Roshan Singh

Thakur Roshan Singh more commonly known as Roshna Singh was an Indian revolutionary, born in the village of Nabada in Shahjahanpur district, Uttar Pradesh in Rajput family on 22 January 1892. He was sentenced for the Bareilly shooting case during the Non Cooperation Movement of 1921–22.

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