I named my kids after my favourite band

I named my kids after my favourite band

MOST PEOPLE have had their baby names picked out since they were young.

And one mum has revealed that she was inspired to name her babies after her favourite band.

The mum claimed on Mumsnet that the band had inspired her throughout her life


The mum claimed on Mumsnet that the band had inspired her throughout her lifeCredit: Alamy

Many people are inspired to name their children after the loss of a loved one, a fictional character, or even a celebrity they have been inspired by.

The mum, who went by the name of Catherine, took to mumsnet to reveal she had done the latter after giving birth to twin boys.

She took it as the perfect opportunity to name them after her favourite band Oasis.

However, the mum has revealed she is thinking about her decision again after people thought she was joking about her choice and asked users for advice on the forum.

She wrote in the post: “Judged for my kids’ names?!

“I have always been a massive Oasis fan (sorry Blur fans) and they have influenced me and inspired me throughout my entire life.

“So when I found out I was having two little twin boys, I thought it would be amazing to name them after the Gallagher brothers!

“I thought it was a sweet idea, but people seem to frown and laugh thinking it’s a joke!”

She added she was ‘hurt’ by the response she had gotten from people she had told.

More than 200 people responded adding their two cents to the situation, but the comments were divided.

One user wrote: “Liam and Noel (is that their names) are actually pretty nice mainstream names. Its not like its a Ringo type name or whatever.”

“Theyre both lovely normal names. Noel is my favourite. My daughter is Noelle.” Said another user in support.

Other users were not big fans, one said: “I’m not surprised they laugh really.”

“Are the babies already born and registered? If not then I would absolutely reconsider these names. Maybe keep them as middle names.” Commented another person.

The mum said her husband also loved the names but in retrospect, she should have used them as middle names.

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