Hi-tech ‘SEX vest’ could let lovers ‘fondle remotely’ during steamy VR sessions

Hi-tech ‘SEX vest’ could let lovers ‘fondle remotely’ during steamy VR sessions

A NEW virtual reality vest that lets you feel multiple sensations could be used by long-distance lovers.

That’s according to sex tech experts who think the OWO Game vest could be used for more than just realistic gaming experiences.

The vest lets you feel over 30 different sensations


The vest lets you feel over 30 different sensationsCredit: OWO Game

The experts at Sex Tech Guide think the vest has the potential to be used by the sex industry.

One of its writers, Jamie F, said: “Could we one day see vests like these being worn for VR porn sessions, or for other sextech uses?

“The potential is obvious, but the OMO Game haptic vests lycra-based design might have to be developed to make it more bodily fluid-proof.”

He added: “In many ways, itd be more surprising if wedidntsee these technologies adapted to make virtual sex feel all the more real.”

The vest allows its wearer to feel over 30 different sensations.

It’s been designed by Spanish tech companyOWO Game.

The Lycra vest is wireless because it’s battery operated and delivers all sensations to the wearer’s upper body.

The haptic vest is being promoted as a gaming and VR vest, not a sex tech accessory.

However, it’s much more slimline than other similar vests on the market and that’s why it’s drawing attention for other reasons.

It can replicate sensations like hugs, wind, rain and punches.

It’s also said to let you experience gunshots and fast driving.

All these sensations can be controlled by an app.

The OWO Game vest isn’t on sale yet but sign up for pre-order is now open.

Clothing items that let you feel sensations seem to be increasing in popularity in the gaming world.

There’s already a few haptic vests out there and you can also get special gloves that let you touch virtual objects.

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