Duke accuser wants ‘vindication’ over ‘financial settlement’ as Queen STRIPS him of HRH title

Queen ‘unlikely to remove Andrew’s titles’

According to a royal expert, The Queen is unlikely to remove Prince Andrew’s titles.

This is because, the royal expert says, is that it would appear like she is ‘judging him’ before he has had time to defend himself in court.

When asked whether it the Queen was likely to remove Andrew’s titles, royal expert Chris Ship said: “I think the simple answer to the question, ‘can he come back from this?’ is no, quite frankly.

“We all know he stepped down temporarily from his royal duties while he fights to clear his name it’s looking much more permanent now than it’s ever done, that stepping down from royal duties.

“For the titles, and all the rest of it, does he have his HRH title, with all his military titles he’s got…

“I think it would be really, really difficult, impossible for the Queen to take those away because it’s almost like judging him before the end of the legal process.”

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