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By all the laws of political gravity, Boris Johnson is doomed

This is a comment piece by Trevor Kavanagh

BY all the laws of political gravity, Boris is doomed clinging by his fingertips until Dominic Cummings chooses to finish him off with hobnailed boots.

Even a barrage of red meat policies to tempt unhappy voters isunlikely to save this Prime Minister.

If so, the most remarkable politician of our age will be paying a high price indeed for a shockingly ill-timed BYOB party.

Its all his own fault, of course. He has ducked all the rules of survival, made it up as he went along and refused the best advice from well-meaning allies.
He will be evicted just as he leads us from the pandemic which almost cost him his life.

The shortest Downing Street reign in living memory will end as the last Covid shackles are broken and the economy bursts back with the fastest recovery in Europe.

BoJosmany enemies in the Tory party and elsewhere, especially the Remainiacs, the Whitehall Blob and the BBC, are already licking their lips.

They will be joined by ungrateful Red Wall MPs who owe him their unexpected seats in Parliament.

Their joy may be unconfined. It may also be short lived.

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