Breaking: Is Phil Mitchell Leaving Eastenders? Everything On Your Favorite Character

Is Phil Mitchell Leaving Eastenders? Here is everything you need to know about your favorite character.

Steve McFadden portrays Phil Mitchell, a fictitious character from the BBC serial series ‘EastEnders’. On February 20, 1990, he made his debut on the soap opera, followed by his brother Grant, sister Sam, and mother Peggy.

The persona is Executive producer Michael Ferguson wanted to bring in some masculine male leads, and Phil was one of the big introductions he made. Phil and his brother Grant were nicknamed the Mitchell brothers by the British media, with Phil first being portrayed as the more level-headed of the two thugs.

Likewise, Phil served as one of the show’s primary characters and protagonist villains during the 1990s, 2000s, and 2020s, with storylines featuring the Mitchell family dominating the soap opera.

McFadden left the show for a short time in late 2003 but reappeared in April 2005 for a brief visit before returning permanently in October 2005.

Is Phil Mitchell Leaving Eastenders? Character Development And Spoilers

There has been no public statement that Phil Mitchell will be leaving ‘Eastenders. When Phil discovers a shocking discovery after Christmas, we already know how he’ll take matters into his own hands.

Before Christmas, Jack and Howie decided to report Phil to the police, finally understanding the depth of Kim’s sorrow.

Viewers are aware that Denise is trapped between two loyalties now that her sister Kim has learned the truth about Phil’s role in her husband Vincent’s death three years ago.

As a result, she decides to cut off Phil’s contact with their son Raymond and tells him he won’t be able to see him until after the New Year.

After Christmas, Jack tells Denise that the cops are intending to arrest Phil any day now, but their chat is cut short when Kat enters, asking for a favor.

Denise decides to let Phil see Raymond after her talk with Kat, which surprises Jack.

Phil is overjoyed to be spending time with Raymond, but things quickly spiral out of control when Kat discovers what’s going on.

Sharon grows suspicious of Kat’s preoccupied conduct the next day, prompting her to tell the truth. Denise has grassed-up Phil to the police over Vincent’s death, and they are now intending to arrest him, Kat tells Sharon.

When Phil finds out, he confronts Denise, who retaliates by revealing that the cops are on their way to arrest him any day now. Sharon, fearful about her ex-husband, tells Phil that he doesn’t have a choice except to flee.

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