45m Lottery jackpot up for grabs TONIGHT after Lotto Thunderball numbers

I won the lottery TWICE in five months

James Courtemanche, 43, from Ontario, can’t believe his luck after scooping over 110,000 in cash from two tickets bought the Minnow Lake Kwik Wayin Sudbury,Canada.

He was left gobsmacked to score a sweet $88,888 (51,883) in 2021 – only to win a second sum totalling $100,000 (58,369) this year.

James said: “I couldn’t believe it happened again.

“I was so surprised – and then I remembered good things happen in threes, so I’m ready for my next one.”

James bought an Instant Wild 8 ticket from his local store before heading home and making the life-changing discovery.

He couldn’t believe his own luck, but confirmed the prize by checking the ticket on the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation app,

It was only in August that he’d paid a visit to Canada’slotteryheadquarters to collect his winnings from an earlier purchase at Minnow Lake Kwik Way on Brancroft Drive.

His Instant Money Match card sealed the fate to his first jackpot before he went on to buy the second ticket from the same store.

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