2GB: What Happened To Paul Kidd? Death Cause – Legendary Radio Broadcaster Passed Away

What Happened To Paul Kidd? The author, host and Australian journalist reported having passed away at 76.

Paul Kidd, the station’s fishing and boating commentator at 2GB, has left this world.

He was one of the most successful radio journalists of the all-time in the Australian Journalism world.

2GB: What Happened To Paul Kidd?

2GB host Paul Kidd has died at the age of 76, according to the current news circulating.

Paul was a prolific radio host, writer and had a massive contribution to Journalism.

Kidd attained the hosting position for the weekend morning show in 2001 after appearing initially as a guest anchor and spent the next two decades co-hosting the show with George Moore.

After fifteen years, the show switched from 2UE to 2GB. The show, simply The George and Paul Show, was a profitable rating success described as a unique blend of conservative politics and quiz shows.

Death Cause – How Did Paul Kidd Die?

The initial cause of Paul Kidd death seems to be natural. There is no indication of him being sick or hospitalized for a long time.

Kidd was diagnosed with Bladder Cancer in 2008; however, he did recover from the disease later.

As an author, Paul has written chiefly about death and murder. His most widely printed book, Till Death Do Us Part: True Stories of Australian Marriages That Ended in Murder, is held by 106 WorldCat libraries worldwide.

Kidd’s other books to attract significant attention include Celluloid Serial Killers, also published as Cinema Serial Killers, and 50 Australian Crimes of the 20th Century.

Kidd’s true criminal works have always been controversial in his sociological claims, especially claims about indigenous Australians.

His book “50 Crimes in Australia in the 20th Century” was criticized for reporting on the murder of Sandra Hoare, a white nurse who was murdered while working in a remote Aboriginal town in 1994.

Paul Kidd Wife & Net Worth Explored

Paul Kidd was married five times in his life. He lived in Bondi, according to his official Wikipedia page.

The estimated net worth of Paul Kidd is around $8.5 million. Being a well-renowned writer and radio host had paid him abundantly in this career.

He was also a photojournalist and former editor of Fishing News, The Tackle-Trader, and Fishing Australia Monthly.

Everyone is waiting for an official announcement from the family or authorities on the exact reason for his death.

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